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B F Imani Foundation Inc

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Our Purpose

At BFIF, our purpose is to maintain our foundation's current services concerning dance and the arts in Grayson, GA, and to assist in our efforts to implement our proposed services. For over a year, we have been accepting contributions to our nonprofit organization. We ask that you give to our cause one of the following ways:


Do your part to make a change in the lives of children as well as adults in need by giving a monetary donation to our nonprofit organization. When you give us a contribution, it goes towards Pancreatic Cancer Research, scholarships, companies that help with the promotion of the arts, and business that relate to this (lodging, travel, etc.).

Donating to our foundation is easy; simply submit any amount you want to give to us online. Please keep in mind that all donations are tax deductible and non-refundable. You will also receive a monthly newsletter to inform you about how all the contributions we've received have helped our cause.


Not only can you donate to our cause, but you may also volunteer with us. Currently, we are looking for five to eight people to assist us with completing general office work and setting up, breaking down, and staffing events.

To become a volunteer, email us today. Please include any nonprofit organization experience that you may have in your message, and we will respond to you in a timely manner. You don't have to worry about making any time commitments or paying any dues. Our volunteers have the ability to dedicate any amount of time to our organization.                     

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