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BFSA Dance Classes & After School Camp Registration

The arts allow us to express ourselves through drama, visual media, music, and dance. Over the years, many children experienced the arts in school; however, art programs across the country have become victims of budget cuts. B F Imani Foundation Inc is on a mission to fill this artistic gap by bringing dance to children in low-income communities. Encourage your child to participate in the arts with help from our African cultural dance group in Grayson, GA.

The Education of Dance

Our nonprofit school of dance gives boys and girls the chance to explore the fascinating world of dance by performing in it. We introduce and teach students traditional African cultural dance, expanding their knowledge of people and places. Additionally, our dance workshops help instill pride in Africa's cultural influence in the girls and boys we teach.

Your Support Does Much

Your support allows us to continue bringing the arts to young people. The donations you make allows us to provide students with scholarships so that their parents don't have to pay for lessons. When you donate to our dance school, you provide artistic opportunities for children, and you also help fund pancreatic cancer research. Contact us for enrollment and donating information.

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