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Join Our Educational or Dance Workshops to Learn and Grow in Grayson, GA

Involvement in group activities where we learn about one another can be a powerful thing. B F Imani Foundation Inc. provides this through educational, health, cultural, and dance workshops in Grayson, GA. These workshops are opportunities to gain new skills and meet new people. We are committed to giving the community a safe environment to learn about ourselves and one another.

Our dance programs promote the importance of staying active, health workshops educate on physical well-being, and African cultural offerings introduce a vibrant and meaningful heritage. Because our organization is nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of individuals and groups to fund this work. Fortunately, we have multiple patrons that support these dance and educational programs.

Our School of Dance Features Education in Pancreatic Cancer and African Culture

The African culture overflows with color, folklore, and vitality. This cultural education program introduces people to the dances, traditions, fashion, and music of the African continent. We explore the diversity of the people and the integration of their customs into popular culture.

Your Donations Provide Accessibility

Pancreatic cancer research is making great strides in developing early detection methods and treatments. B F Imani Foundation Inc. hosts educational sessions on screening and critical information on early signs of illness in the hope of preventing this deadly disease from claiming more lives.

Our cultural education program introduces people to the dances, traditions, fashions, and music of Africa. The continent is rich in color, folklore, and vitality from diverse peoples. We help the community explore these areas and learn how the customs have integrated into popular culture.

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Willena Pressley

Tykia Robinson

Assistant Director
Leneya Dillard


African Cultural Dance, Workshops

Hip-Hop, Majorette Dance

Praise Dance

BF School of the Arts, Dance Programs, Grayson, GA

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Angela White

Junior Director Ceisha Carter

Junior Director
Kyra Dillard


Jazz, Modern, Mind Praise, Seminars, Workshops

Hip-Hop, Cultural Dance, Praise, Fashion/Design

Dance, Modeling, Music Production

WIB, Dance Programs, Grayson, GA

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Creative Director
Kyra Dillard

Fashion Design
Ceisha Carter

Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, Comp Cards, Make-up, etc

Original hand-stitched designs and costumes

Swag Productions


C. Teasley

Body Conditioning and Nutrition

DJ Teasley

Acting, Drums, Body Toning