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B F Imani Foundation Inc

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Dance Programs in Grayson, GA

At B F Imani Foundation Inc, we provide several educational, health, and dance programs in Grayson, GA, to assist in changing lives step by step. These programs will help you live longer, healthier, and more active lives. We teach you how to get proper screening and early detection of pancreatic cancer. Also, bringing self-respect and self-awareness through our workshops on African heritage culture with many other dance programs we provide.

Our programs and dance workshops are known for their exciting blend of fun and learning. Participants at B F Imani Foundation Inc depend on us for an environment where they are encouraged and empowered to succeed.

With the help of donations, we enable people of all backgrounds to attend our programs by providing scholarships to boys and girls from low-income families. It’s important to us that everyone has access to the entertainment, culture, and health information that we provide.

Pancreatic Cancer Education

As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to supporting pancreatic cancer education in our local area. Across the globe, countless people struggle with this life-altering disease. We’re determined to bring more recognition and awareness of pancreatic cancer with the hope of reducing its prevalence.

At B F Imani Foundation Inc, we teach our program participants about the proper strategies for screening and early detection. By integrating this information into our dance and health programs, we create an environment that is both educational and entertaining.

African Heritage Culture Workshops

Celebrating your culture is not only exciting; it’s also important to the community at large. We’re here to show the people of our local area the vibrancy and meaningfulness that can be found in African heritage. Our culture workshops honor the dances, traditions, fashion, and music of the African continent. Don’t miss out on this colorful and engaging way to immerse yourself in a beautiful culture.

Contact us today to learn more about our dance programs. We are proud to support dance and the arts in our community of Grayson, Georgia.

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Willena Pressley

Tykia Robinson

Assistant Director
Leneya Dillard


African Cultural Dance, Workshops

Hip-Hop, Majorette Dance

Praise Dance

BF School of the Arts, Dance Programs, Grayson, GA

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Angela White

Junior Director Ceisha Carter

Junior Director
Kyra Dillard


Jazz, Modern, Mind Praise, Seminars, Workshops

Hip-Hop, Cultural Dance, Praise, Fashion/Design

Dance, Modeling, Music Production

WIB, Dance Programs, Grayson, GA

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Creative Director
Kyra Dillard

Fashion Design
Ceisha Carter

Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, Comp Cards, Make-up, etc

Original hand-stitched designs and costumes

Swag Productions


C. Teasley

Body Conditioning and Nutrition

DJ Teasley

Acting, Drums, Body Toning